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Hair appointment

Dear valued guest thank you!

We assure pride in our work and each and every one of our clients.

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Where Looking Good is Understood

Although walk-ins are welcomed, it is good to make an appointment so that we can attend to you right away.

Our Braiders are licensed and follow all the sanitary procedures required while handling your hair. They are also Master Braiders. Master Braiders are known for their expertise in handling different types of hair, for their speed and, for the quality of their craft. If you are tender headed please let us know when you are making your appointment. We will advise you on the best hairstyles to minimize tightness and, pick the appropriate soothing products that we will put on your braids after the service.

Our Prices not only depend on the hair style but also  on its size and length.

If the hair style that you choose is made with human hair, please keep in mind that the price of the human hair is not included in the price. You can buy the human hair from a beauty supply or you can buy it from us which will cost you cheaper. While making your appointment ask how many bags of human hair you will need depending on the hair style.

After 4-5 weeks of wearing your braids, some guests may need to make an appointment with us for a touch up. We will take down some rows and re-do them to extend the life of your braids while giving you a great look.

When you are ready to take your braids down, you are welcomed to  make an appointment with us. We will take them down, wash your hair and treat it at the small fee of $50.


Although our Master Braiders are fast, the time that it takes to braid you, will also depend on the hair style, its size and its length. Here are samples of the duration of some of our braid styles to give you the idea get you prepare for it

Cornrows: from 2hrs to 6hrs

Micros: From 6hr to 12hrs

That goes for the box braids/individual braids and Senegalese braids

Kinky twist: 4 to 8hrs

Crochet braids and weaves: 2hrs to 4hrs

Sometimes it just happens that we have to spend more time on a guest to groom them perfectly. There is no shortcut to beauty. We ask that in return you let us know if you decide to postpone your appointment or if you will be late for more than an hour.

If you still haven't decided, it is okay, come in for a free consultation.