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People tend to think that the moment they put braids extensions in their hair . It will automatically grow their hair and they don't have to do any thing else.  Truth is,  this is the best time to take care of your hair naturally and still  wear extensions. It's pointless to wear braids for 3 months only to realize that the situation and condition of your hair is  more or less the same if not worst, especially if the motive for braiding is to improve the  overall well being of your hair and to take a break from all forms of hair chemicals. I suggest the following steps to a healthy  braids wearing  and  to achieve happiness/satisfaction once the braids are out.

1: Chemicals -Avoid applying Individual extensions/braids in your hair at least until after 2 weeks of any chemical input.  Sometimes braiders  will tell you that relaxing your hair  just before braiding will make your braids neater and more presentable.  Truth is the neatness of your braids depends on how good the braider is at parting the hair and more often than not, the length of your own hair. Very short hair tend to come out of braids whilst longer hair stay put.

Before braiding - Deep condition your hair  a day before  applying the extensions. Continue to deep condition your hair even when you have the braids  in  4 weeks there after the braids are put in and at least once in 2 weeks thereafter.  I suggest you use a conditioner that is rich in protein. Use  an equal proportion of shea butter and coconut oil as deep conditioner. (If your hair is strong, though/hard I suggest you stick to the same regimen as mine. I have vowed never to do without these two ingredients in my beauty regimen and that includes my body/skin I am  staying strictly to shea butter because of it's moisturizing properties. Always remember that if the foundation is weak the building will collapse Coconut oil helps softens  yet strengthen and promotes your under growth. It also promotes hair growth.

Another great ingredient to have at hand during your braiding period is unrefined Shea Butter ( Coconut oil and shea butter are now available in most beauty supply stores.This is the master of moisture and healthy groom.

BEWARE There are many fake shea butter out there, please beware. Never use refined shea butter, it's been chemically process. The Original Shea butter is cream in color and as often as many beauticians try to tell people that shea butter can come in many shades. It doesn't. I grew up in West Africa and shea butter is a must have house old item over there. I grew up with shea butter and the color has never been  other than cream . The color is Cream. The smell cannot be explained, it's close to being odorless, yet it's not. It's not offensive at all. shea butter is all purpose moisturizer. Your skin will thank you and your hair will rejoice.  If you don't have coconut oil or shea butter use braid sprays such as African pride instead but get your hands on one of the ingredients above as soon as you can.  Always oil your scalp at least 2 times a week.

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Braid Removal

As stated, I don't recommend wearing a braided style for more than two months (eight weeks) without extra special care including washing and retouching, and recommend they be removed at this point to preserve hair integrity and reinforce it with washing and conditioning and re-braiding, if desired. Anything longer and you run the risk of severe hair dehydration, matting and in some cases locking at the roots. Eeeek!

When removing your extensions be sure to cut the installed hair at least a half inch or more below your own hair and take down with the use of a rat tail comb, if needed, from end to roots. Be sure to be gentle! Ripping the out or handling your hair rough can lead to unnecessary hair loss. Once your installed hair has been separated from your real hair you may notice a clump or small mat of product, dirt, and or lent all mixed together at the base of the hair or along the hair shaft. Do not fret.

This is normal. Be sure to gently finger detangle first as much to loosen the hair mat starting at your roots to your ends to remove the lint, product build-up and the shed hair that will also be in each loosened section. Come your hair with a wide tooth comb. After repeating this process throughout your entire head, on a fully detangled head of hair, wash, condition and comb through hair with conditioner and a seamless wide-tooth comb in to remove excess shed hair, then lavish your hair with some deep conditioning loving immediately.

Denying the hair water while in braids is a recipe for dehydration disaster encouraging breakage, the very thing we are protective styling to guard against, as is improper technique when installing or removing. It’s important to use nurturing hair product while in braid extensions. We ladies are willing to pay a hefty price for our chosen style to show off our unique beauty. Let us make sure that price does not include sacrificing our hair health on any level.