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Before and After services

People tend to think that the moment they put braids extensions in their hair. It will automatically grow their hair and they don't have to do any thing else. Truth is, this is the best time to take care of your hair naturally and still wear extensions.

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Just give us the word and we will get it done. You may not know the specific style you want but you know what you want to convey to people. Sporty, edgy, natural, playful, elegant, confident, glamourous – any one of these words can give an experienced stylist a starting point. Once our Raeford clients give us the general feel they are looking for, we get to work.

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If you are not 100% confident in your ability to color your hair, then why take a chance? Khadija's African Braids has been expertly coloring hair since we first opened. Our coloring technicians are professionally trained to make sure that our Raeford clients find the hair color they are searching for.

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Did you get a haircut that was too short or you are just tired of the limited possibilities short hair offers? Perhaps you really like your short hair but there is a special occasion coming up and you want to turn some heads. Khadija's African Braids has the professional hair extension technicians to make you look fabulous.

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Hair appointment

Our Braiders are licensed and follow all the sanitary procedures required while handling your hair. They are also Master Braiders. Master Braiders are known for their expertise in handling different types of hair, for their speed and, for the quality of their craft. If you are tender headed please let us know when you are making your appointment. We will advise you on the best hairstyles to minimize tightness and, pick the appropriate soothing products that we will put on your braids after the service.

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